Theses Archive

Modeling and synthesis of the future biorefinery: an integrated systems approach to enhance the purification of C5 and C6 using organosolv technology and heterogeneous mixtures of lignocellulosic and seaweed feedstocks.

Aikaterini Mountraki.

Doctoral (PhD) In Progress

Integration of industrial and municipal waste to biorenewables and bioenergy flows

Georgios Lignos.

Doctoral (PhD) In Progress

Methodology of rapid Evaluation of CAPEX and OPEX of techno-logies under development. Integration of a prelimilnary LCA tool, and of an objective function for most appropriate site locations identifications.

Mirela Tsagkari.

Completed Doctoral (PhD)

A superstructure approach to enable process integration and novel equipment design of biorefinery processes.

Georgios Panayiotou.

Doctoral (PhD) In Progress

A systems approach to enable high-throughput analysis of integrated waste biorefineries with industrial and municipal feedstocks.

Foteini Barla.

Doctoral (PhD) In Progress

Development and Analysis of Symbiotic Networks using semantic standards based on ontologies and planning: Appliance and assess of the bioenergy potential in the industrial harbors of Europe.

Tsouti Christina. November, 2015

Process modelling, optimization & multiple operation points of post combustion CO 2 capture process, using aqueous monoethanolamine as solvent

Kappatou Chrysoula Dimitra. November, 2015

Completed Dissertations

Conceptual design for an early stage process analysis of reaction and separation processes in future biorefineries

Rekkas Ventiris Michail. September, 2015

Completed Dissertations

Method for the synchronized selection of water treatment processes and targeting of clear water and recycle flows

Faskiotis Dimitris. October, 2015

Completed Dissertations

Integrated separation systems of a ternary azeotropic mixture from a microalgae biorefinery

Theologou Stylianos. June, 2016

Completed Dissertations