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Title Conceptual optimisation of utility networks for operational variations – II. Network development and optimisation
Document Type Article
Year 1998
Authors Mavromatis, S.P., Kokossis, A.C.
Source Chemical Engineering Science, vol.53, no.8, p.1609-1630
Keywords Operational variations; Process design; Steam turbine network synthesis; Utility systems
Abstract The paper proposes a new approach for the optimisation of utility networks. The approach makes use of the targeting and conceptual developments presented in Part I, and the available knowledge is exploited to accomplish a decomposition scheme that accommodates for both simple and complex units. The decomposition establishes a common modelling basis, and provides for variable efficiencies in the operation of the steam turbines. Its principles are exploited to set up a network superstructure that is comprised by a managable number of generic elements. The units are developed to take into account operational variations against which the optimisation objectives determine the component sets that need be used. As a result of the insights thrown into the formulation and the targeting models used, the optimisation effort is simply facilitated by a Mixed Integer Linear Programming formulation whose application is illustrated with several examples and an industrial case study.
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