Professor Antonis Kokossis


Dr. Kokossis, FIChemE, FIEE, FRSA, and FIET, is Professor of Process Systems Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. He is a Chartered Engineer with IChemE (UK). He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering from NTUA and a PhD from Princeton University. Prior to NTUA, he worked for 17 years in UK. He is now the co-director of the National Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, a National Representative of Directorate I (Climate Change & Environment), Affiliate of IEA Bioenergy and EERA Bioenergy, and the Greek Delegate of the Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) group of EFCE.

His expertise includes process systems design, modelling, process integration, and optimization. He published extensively and has consulted with the process industry (UOP, Bayer, Mitsubishi, Eastman, MW Kellogg, BP Oil, Unilever) and, more recently, with biorefineries and smaller companies on renewables. He has established collaboration with several industrial companies including several industries dedicated to the development of renewable energy and chemicals.

He has graduated 25 PhD and 46 MSc students. He holds 142 communications in international conferences, 129 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 70 invited lectures in conferences universities, and multinational companies. He serves as the National Representative of the IBISBA EU research infrastructure on Industrial Biotechnology. He is an elected member of the Executive Board of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) and leads the New EFCE Sustanability section.

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The Research Team

Dr. Christos Mihalopoulos

Dr. Christos Mihalopoulos is a Mechanical Engineer (National Technical University of Athens – NTUA, Greece), holds a M.Sc. in Automatic Control & Robotic Systems (Mechanical Engineering NTUA) and a Ph.D. thesis at School of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Sciences Section, NTUA. As an environmental expert and waste management engineer from 2003, he specializes in:

  •  developing regional projects in the field of MSW management on behalf of municipal and regional authorities;
  • providing consultation services to private sector entities in implementing circular economy and bio-economy practices and techniques;
  •  providing scientific services in developing innovative waste management practices, systems and technologies, for academia and businesses as beneficiaries in EU and national co-funded research projects.

For over 20 years, as a scientific associate – researcher, has developed treatment technologies for the management of recyclables, biowaste and wastewater of municipal and industrial origin.

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Dr. Lazaros Karaoglanoglou

Dr. Lazaros Karaoglanoglou, MSc (M), is a Chemical Engineer, with expertise in computer-aided modelling and design of chemical product generation systems and their life cycle-based sustainability assessment, bioresource studies, design of sustainable biomass supply and logistic chains, quality management, stakeholder involvement, and regional development. His experience includes research work in strategic EU, International and National projects. He is actively contributing as a researcher to the IRISS (International ecosystem for accelerating the transition to Safe-and-Sustainable-by-Design materials, products and processes) and ROBOCOOP (circulaR bioecOnomy Business mOdels owned by agroCOOPeratives) projects; both funded by HORIZON EUROPE.

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Dr. Nikolaos Trokanas

Nikos holds a Diploma in Production & Management Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace (Greece), an MSc in Information & Process Systems Engineering from the University of Surrey (UK) and a PhD from University of Surrey (UK). He is also an Associate Lecturer at the University of Surrey (UK).  He has expertise in semantic technologies (data modeling and annotation, ontologies, knowledge graphs etc.), data integration, digital transformation, supply chain digitalization, optimization and modeling. He is working for the DEBONAIR project, supported by H.F.R.I., and the European initiative BIOINDUSTRY 4.0, which focuses on Industrial Biotechnology and Digital Technologies.

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Stefanos Xenios

Stefanos Xenios is a passionate chemical engineer with 2 years of experience. Skilled in process design and with a strong background in systems biology and machine learning. Some of my previous works include the design of a curated genome scale model for yeast and the development of large-scale kinetic models muconic acid production. Hisrole in the IPSEN team is to construct detailed metabolic models for bioprocesses of interest and to connect large scale kinetics with bioreactor kinetics for the DEBONAIR project, supported by H.F.R.I., and the European initiative BIOINDUSTRY 4.0.

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Konstantinos Mexis

Konstantinos Mexis holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the National Technical University of Athens. His expertise centers around Data Science and Machine Learning, particularly in the context of the circular economy. He currently works as a researcher and is pursuing a Ph.D. in the Industrial Process Design & Systems Engineering Unit. Konstantinos is passionate about areas such as machine learning, metabolic engineering, and bioprocesses. He is actively contributing to the DEBONAIR project, supported by H.F.R.I., and the European initiative BIOINDUSTRY 4.0, which focuses on Industrial Biotechnology and Digital Technologies.

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Michaela Vasilaki

Michaela Vasilaki holds a MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece. She has previously participated in challenging research projects with both industrial and academic partners (Novo Nordisk, Altair, University of Patras). Her expertise focuses on computer-aided modelling, industrial process design and optimization with deep knowledge of various commercial software. She is actively contributing as a researcher to projects such as the European Initiative BIOINDUSTRY 4.0, ROBOCOOP and MARINES.

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The Management team

Xenia Lazaropoulou

Ms Xenia Lazaropoulou is as a Senior Administrator with tasks in management and finance. She holds a degree in Production & Management Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace as well as a Master degree in Advanced Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering technologies specialized in: Microelectronics and Information Systems Technologies. She is the person to look for when visiting IPSEN offices and she is also leading the researchers team assuring everyday smooth office operation. She is responsible for EU projects documentation (e.g. financial agreements, contracts and payments) and represents the team to NTUA Research Funding office. She is responsible for many dissemination activities in regards to the research projects of the team and her latest great achievement is ESCAPE33 Conference big success.

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Kosmidou Konstantina

%cf%87%cf%89%cf%81%ce%af%cf%82-%cf%84%ce%af%cf%84%ce%bb%ce%bf3Mrs Kosmidou Konstantina started her work for IPSEN back at 2014 as an Administrator for the EU Projects, handling everyday office operations as well as communication on behalf of the team. She holds a degree in Production & Management Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace (Greece) and specialises in management and finance. She coordinates work in all research and technical projects, monitors progress, manages financial accounts and reports, and communicates with third parties on behalf of the group. She has also delivered successfully numerous dissemination events (e.g. conferences, workshops and training schools) across the country and abroad. She is the person to contact if you are looking for a new collaboration with the team or interested in proposal submissions.

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Past Team Members