SusChem Greece



The European Technology Platform (ETP) SusChem was launched in 2004 as a European Commission supported initiative to revitalise and inspire European chemistry and industrial biotechnology research, development and innovation in a sustainable way.

The National Technology Platform (NTP) SusChem Greece was founded in 2016, by the National Technical University of Athens (IPSEN Unit), which also operates SusChem Greece’s secretariat, the Hellenic Association of Chemical Industries, the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, the Greek Association of Environmental Protection Companies, the Association of Greek Chemists, the Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers, the Panhellenic Union of Bioscientists, the Hellenic Coatings Association and the General Consumers’ Association of Greece.

SusChem Greece, having entered a family of similar National Platforms which now numbers seventeen members, aims at promoting Greek priorities in the European research agenda for sustainable chemistry. Furthermore, SusChem Greece, under the coordination of IPSEN has been communicating developments in the field to the Greek stakeholders through events, social media posts and direct mailings.

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