SusChem Greece

Welcome to the webpage of SusChem Greece, the Greek National Technological Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.
SusChem Greece was admitted by the European Platform on 15th June 2016, having been founded by nine Founding Members, including the NTUA, which runs the SusChem Greece Secretariat and this website.
Watch this space for news on the Platform itself and news related to sustainable chemistry, including brokerage events, calls for research projects and national events.


28.06.2022  Major EU initiative launched to accelerate the transition to safe and sustainable materials, products and processes

24.10.2018 SusChem Europe Brokerage Event

16.10.2018  SusChem Networking Event on October 15th

27.09.2018 Announcement: SusChem Networking Event on October 15th

10.06.2017 SusChem Greece talks to the European Industry at the SusChem Stakeholder Event

19.12.2016 PRESS RELEASE SusChem Greece attracts dozens to its Kickoff Event

28.11.2016 NEW Kickoff event agenda announced – Venue: NJV Athens Plaza Hotel

12.10.2016 New Kick-off Event date:  Friday 16th December 2016

12.10.2016 PRESS RELEASE Inaugural SusChem Greece Board Meeting

12.10.2016 ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ Εναρκτήρια Συνεδρίαση Συμβουλίου SusChem Greece

06.09.2016 SusChem 2016 Brokerage Event, 13th September, FIBES-Seville Conference Centre, Spain

Information on SusChem and SusChem Greece

Vision and mission of SusChem (European Technology Platform):
  • SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. It is a forum that brings together industry, academia, governmental policy groups and the wider society.
  • SusChem’s mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to society’s challenges by providing sustainable solutions.
  • SusChem’s vision is for a competitive and innovative Europe where sustainable chemistry and biotechnology together provide solutions for future generations.
  • SusChem’s priority areas, led by industries, include Resource and Energy Efficiency, Water, Raw Materials, Smart Cities, Enabling Technologies and Education.
Vision and mission of SusChem Greece

The mission of SusChem Greece is to:

  • Bring together the national stakeholders and strong industrial participation by being a representative sample of the country.
  • Develop a national strategy for Sustainable Chemistry and bring this forward at the European level as an input to contribute to the development of the European SusChem strategy.
  • Be the link to the National Contact Points and/or Programme Committee Representatives on behalf of SusChem for those topics relevant for the Platforms.
  • To define national Research and Innovation priorities alongside the relevant priorities selected by SusChem ETP. Upon the selection of a common ground within the priorities, some other topics may be included by SusChem Greece based on national / stakeholders’ interests.
  • Provide information and advice to its members, particularly on funding; encourage cooperative projects and consortia (brokerage events, dissemination activities).
  • Actively support and encourage SMEs to participate in EU projects.
  • Be responsible for exchanging information within the SusChem network, other Member States and the EU Commission and any other organisation that may be of interest to the SusChem activities.
  • Propose a logotype in accordance with SusChem rules.
  • Create and run a dedicated NTP website.

SusChem Greece has been set up by the following Founding Members:


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