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Title A decision support environment for the high-throughput model-based screening and integration of biomass processing paths
Document Type Article
Year 2015
Authors Tsakalova, M., Lin, T.-C., Yang, A., Kokossis, A.C.
Source Industrial Crops and Products, vol.75, p.103-113, 2015
Keywords Biomass processing; Decision support system; Modelling; Optimization; Synthesis
Abstract The integration of renewable biomass feedstocks is receiving primal attention in energy and process industries. The conversion of biomass is typically faced with multiple options with respect to feedstocks, processing paths and product portfolios. The options for sustainable bio-based material have been highlighted in Association for the Advances of Industrial Crops Network (AAIC), that promotes the processing of crops towards industrial products. The systematic screening of these options is a major challenge. The paper presents a decision support environment that is capable of rapidly evaluating, screening and integrating biomass processing paths to bio-energy and other renewable products. The environment has built and makes use of an information repository that integrates data from various sources. A modelling environment enables the formulation and techno-economic and environmental assessments of both individual and integrated paths. The analysis involves optimization models for the high-throughput evaluation of options reporting recommendations and integrated paths when appropriate, as well as co-products more prominent to select. The proposed approach has been implemented into a software prototype and tested by industrial users, with the possibility to be extended and used by the wider community in the future. The prototyped modelling environment is outlined and illustrated by several case studies. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.
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