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Title A logic based model for the analysis and optimisation of steam turbine networks
Document Type Article
Year 1998
Authors Mavromatisl, S.P., Kokossis, A.C
Source Computers in Industry, vol.36, no.3, p.135-179
Keywords Analysis; Logic-based model; Optimisation; Steam turbine networks
Abstract Common practice in the analysis and optimisation of utility networks involves general algorithmic methods which disregard engineering knowledge and understanding of the system. In this paper an alternative intelligent model for steam turbine networks is suggested that is based on a set of simple, logic driven rules. These rules originate from the understanding of the turbine system and reflect the preference of the most efficient turbines, while accounting for the contradictions over such preference trends imposed by the capacity limitations of the hardware. The principles and applications of the new model are demonstrated for low dimensional systems, for which a handy graphical representation, the Hardware Composites, can be produced. © 1998 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.