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Title A multi-contaminant transhipment model for mass exchange networks and wastewater minimisation problems
Document Type Article
Year 1999
Authors Alva-Argáez, A., Vallianatos, A., Kokossis, A.
Source Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol.23, no.10, p.1439-1453
Keywords Contaminants; Utility targets; Wastewater
Abstract The methodology presented in the paper combines insights from Water Pinch with mathematical programming. The approach applies to mass exchanger network and wastewater minimisation problems. Its purpose is the development of targeting models at a conceptual stage where the process network is not yet developed. For wastewater minimisation, the concept of the limiting water profile is employed. The development of utility targets for multiple contaminants is developed as a mixed integer linear transhipment formulation that enables easy screening and scoping ahead of the network development. The paper describes the foundation of the model, its variants for the different problems considered, and literature examples that explain its functions. The paper reports particularly encouraging results and improvements against reported solutions in the literature.
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