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Title New generation tools for multiphase reaction systems: A validated systematic methodology for novelty and design automation
Document Type Article
Year 1998
Authors Mehta, V.L., Kokossis, A.
Source Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol.22, no.SUPPL.1
Keywords Multiphase; Reactor network; Simulated annealing; Stochastic optimization
Abstract An overall methodology is presented for the early screening and scoping of the promising reactor designs for the multiphase reaction systems. The reactor designs are screened with a systematic methodology based on a novel representation and a reliable optimization approach. The work significantly extends previous efforts in homogeneous systems and the stochastic optimization adopted in this work is able to handle typical complexities. The paper also discusses ways of finding optimum network of non-isothermal reactors. A comprehensive representation and a suitable methodology for the purpose are discussed. Optimum temperature profiles are evaluated without restriction to any particular mode of heat transfer. A network of adiabatic reactors with intermediate heat exchangers and both direct and indirect heat transfers is also presented. The method is taking up applications in industry and is illustrated here with an example of reactive liquid-liquid extraction with multiple reversible reactions. The application of the approach to non-isothermal systems is illustrated with a simple van de Vusse type of reaction. The overall methodology can be used as a targeting tool to find the limiting performance of the reaction systems as well as to evaluate the network of ideal reactors, which can achieve this performance. © 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.