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Title Ontology-based information extraction for market monitoring and technology watch
Document Type Conference Paper
Year 2005
Authors Maynard, D., Yankova, M., Kourakis, A., Kokossis, A.
Source CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol.137, p.33-42
Abstract The h-TechSight Knowledge Management Portal (KMP) enables support for knowledge-intensive industries in monitoring information resources on the Web, as an important factor in business competitiveness. The portal contains tools for identification of concepts and terms from an ontology relevant to the user's interests, and enables the user to monitor them over time. It also contains tools for ontology management and modification, based on the results of targeted knowledge extraction from the web. The platform provides a means for businesses to keep track of trends and topics of interest in their field, and alert them to changes. In this paper we focus on the tools for targeted search and ontology management, driven by an ontology-based information extraction system, which has been evaluated over a test set of 38 documents and achieves 97% Precision and 92% Recall.