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Title Optimization of complex reactor networks-I. Isothermal operation
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Year 1990
Authors Kokossis, A.C., Christodoulos A., F.
Source Chemical Engineering Science, vol.45, no.3, p.595-614
Abstract A systematic approach is presented in this paper for the optimization problem of reactor networks that involve complex reaction schemes under isothermal operation. A reactor represention is proposed that utilizes as a basis the continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and approximates the plug flow reactor as a cascade of CSTRs. A reactor network superstructure is presented in which all possible structural configurations of interconnected reactors are embedded. Different types of recycle reactors are also incorporated that can handle different feeding, recycling and bypassing strategies. The reactor network synthesis problem that is formulated based upon this superstructure is a large-scale mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem and its solution provides information about the optimal reactor network configuration. © 1990.
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