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Title Preface, A-Z of Biorefinery, A Comprehensive View
Document Type Book
Year 2022
Authors N. Thongchul, S. Assabumrungrat, A. Kokossis
Keywords Covers the most important topics relating to biorefineries; Provides related definitions, theories, overviews of methods, applications and important references; Offers perspectives and concise reviews for each section; Includes complete design case studies with tutorials
Abstract A-Z of Biorefinery: A Comprehensive View provides a comprehensive book that highlights and illustrates important topics relating to biorefineries, including associated theory, current and future research trends, available techniques and future challenges. This book will benefit a wide range of audiences, including students, engineers, scientists, practitioners, and those who are keen to explore more on biorefinery. Sections cover the availability of current technologies, constraints, market trends, recent system developments, and the concepts that enable modern biorefineries to utilize all kinds of biomass. This book is an essential resource for students, scientists, engineers and practitioners working in industry and academia.
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