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Title Semantically-enabled Formalisation to Support and Automate the Application of Industrial Symbiosis
Document Type Article
Year 2012
Authors Raafat, T., Trokanas, N., Cecelja, F., Kokossis, A., Yang, A.
Source Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, vol.31, p.1055-1059
Keywords Industrial Symbiosis; Ontology; Semantic Web Services
Abstract Industrial Symbiosis (IS) is an innovative approach that brings together companies from different sectors in an effort to improve resource efficiency. This paper introduces a semantically enabled web platform that supports and automates the application of IS. The platform is based on the semantic formalisms for the waste and processing technology classifications, further supported by the semantic web services technology in the process of establishing synergies. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.
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