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Title A semantically enabled formalism for the knowledge management of Parkinson’s disease
Document Type Article
Year 2006
Authors Paul, S., Kokossis, A., Gage, H., Storey, L., Lawrenson, R., Trend, P., Walmsley, K., Morrison, S., Kaye, J., Gradwell, E., Baker, M.
Source Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine, vol.31, no.2, p.101-120
Keywords Axioms; Diet; Knowledge map; Ontology; Parkinson's disease; Physiotherapy; Speech and language therapy; Symptoms and drugs
Abstract Bio-ontology is a formal representation of biological concepts that is used in the interchange of communication between computers and humans alike. They can then be used in the formulation and retrieval of knowledge. In developing a knowledge-based system for Parkinson's Disease, a procedure of knowledge map was used to capture and harness the intellectual resources of an organization, and new paradigms for knowledge mapping were also formulated. Knowledge bases for symptoms and drugs, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, and dieting that affect patient care were developed. Finally, the knowledge bases were merged to form a single central repository of knowledge base. © 2006 Taylor & Francis.
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