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Title Shortcut models based on molecular structure for life cycle impact assessment: The case of the fineChem tool and beyond, Handbook of Green Chemistry
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Year 2017
Source Tools for Green Chemistry, Volume 10, Chapter 2, pp, 29-46, 2017
Keywords FineChem Tool; LCA; CO2 Capture; GC‐Based LCA Models
Abstract The sections in this article are Introduction Concept and Development of the FineChem Tool Illustrative Applications of the FineChem Tool LCA Aspects of Solvent Selection for Postcombustion CO2 Capture (PCC) Bio-Based Production of Platform Chemicals Toward A New Group Contribution-Based Version of the FineChem Tool Introduction to GC models Development of GC-Based LCA Models Screening for Substances with Desirable Properties Illustrative Example of Screening Molecules Conclusions and Outlook
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