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Title Systematic synthesis and integration of multiple-effect distillation into overall processes: The case of biorefineries
Document Type Article
Year 2019
Authors K. A. Pyrgakis, A. C. Kokossis
Source AIChE Journal, Volume65, Issue7, 2019
Keywords background process; biorefineries; distillation mapping graph representation; integration; multiple-effect distillation
Abstract Chemical engineering is challenged by new chemistries that convert raw materials (biomass, biogenic waste) into chemicals through numerous promising, yet untested, chemical/biochemical reactions. Process and energy integration are essential to provide viable recommendations as downstream separation costs are often prohibitive to support the selected reactions. Distillation remains attractive for separation, whereas multiple-effect distillation (MED) offers high energy savings, fully exploiting the potential to integrate separations with the background process. Whereas model-based methods are plentiful for stand-alone MED designs, integration of units with the background process is restricted by graphical or inspection methods, which are prone to miss optimality and impractical to use for high-throughput screening. This work contributes with the introduction of an optimization approach that addresses challenges in allocation and integration of MED by considering methods to systematize design options and to automate decision-making. The approach is illustrated in a real-life biorefinery securing 70% savings under a small investment. © 2019 American Institute of Chemical Engineers
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