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Title A systems platform for the optimal synthesis of biomass based manufacturing systems
Document Type Article
Year 2010
Authors Kokossis, A.C., Yang, A., Tsakalova, M., Lin, T.-C.
Source Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, vol.28, no.C, p.1105-1110
Keywords Biomass processing; Modelling; Optimization; Synthesis
Abstract The gradual depletion of oil, uncertainties in energy supplies and a commanding requirement to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have intensified worldwide interest in renewable forms of energy. By far, biomass is the most abundant, the fastest growing and the only carbon-based source of renewable energy. Its efficient use is the task of a chemical engineer and could lead to the development of new manufacturing systems or the retrofitting of existing ones. To rationalize its use, a large number of options are important to screen in relation to the type of feedstocks available, the appropriate production routes, and the product portfolios. The paper discusses a process synthesis method to address the systematic integration of flowsheets supporting decisions for investment and the selection of processing paths. The implementation takes the form of a systems platform with modelling and optimization capabilities at different levels. This methodology is part of a UK national programme devoted to valorise biorefinery capabilities in the North of England. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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