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Title Towards sustainability and green chemical engineering: Tools and technology requirements
Document Type Article
Year 2004
Authors Tsoka, C., Johns, W.R., Linke, P., Kokossis, A.
Source Green Chemistry, vol.6, no.8, p.401-406
Abstract We report on a consultation with a panel of senior technical managers within the European process industries. The outcome of the consultation is that, with known and foreseeable technology, the European industry could remain profitable, and reduce pollution by over 20% within 10 years. This paper reports the tools and technologies that are perceived to be important in achieving low pollution levels economically. Alongside established tools such as process simulation, the study gives priority to less established tools including Computer-Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) and process synthesis. The study places a high priority on a range of established and emerging technologies. These include highly selective catalysts, fuel cells, process intensification, supercritical separation and reaction, solar cells, bulk chemicals from renewables, novel chemicals, design for recycle and processes that are economic on smaller scales.
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