November 5, 2019
9:30 Registration and Welcome Coffee
9:50 Welcome Address by the Organizers: Prof. Α.Kokosis
10:00 Capacity Building & Networking of Bio-Based Industries
15’ The BiOPEN Project – CIAOTECH SrL
30’ BiOPEN Thematic Domains

Market & Social Needs

Environmental Needs

Public Bodies & Policies Towards Bio-Based Economy

Business Outlook

15’ Open Innovation Platform to Stimulate the Business and Innovation Potential of the Bio-Based Sector in Europe – NTUA – IPSEN, Dr. A. Nikolakopoulos
11:00 Financial and Networking Instruments
15’ Circular Economy & Industrial Symbiosis – SusChem Europe, V. Filipoussi
15’ New Calls in Bio-Based Industries – BBI Joint Undertaking, K. Sidiropoulou
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Societal & Marketing Drivers: Enablers & Emerging Paradigms
15’ Status of Societal and Market Needs Tuning with Respect to 5 BBI Sectors – NTUA – IPSEN, Prof. A. Kokosis
12:15 A. Customer Driven Networks
15’ Full material and chemical monitoring data and disclosure for the protection of the human health and environment – Whirlpool EMEA, P. Basta
15’ Development and demonstration of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) prevention and reuse paradigms – Appliances Recycling SA, H. Agelakopoulos
15’ Symbiotic Networks & Platforms for Bio-Waste Sustainable Management – NTUA – IPSEN, A. Gentimis
15’ SCALIBUR: Leading a revolution in biowaste recycling, Kozani biowaste management optimisation – CluBE, T. Giourkas



Buffet Lunch & Coffee
14:15 B. Capacity Building Networks for Bio-Based Industries
15’ Private Public Partnerships in Municipal Biowaste Management – DIADYMA SA, P. Kafasis
15’ Innovative Processes for Transforming Hotels Food Wastes into Animal Feed – ESDAK, H. Mamoulakis
15’ Decision Support System for Waste Prevention by Local Authorities – DEDISA SA, K. Paterakis
15’ Novel Accountable IT Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management in Biomass Symbiotic Networks – SYMBIOLABS, T. Dalamagas
15’ C. Global Networks – WTERT, S. Vakalis
15:30 Round Table: Fine tuning of market and societal needs

– Mapping of needs in EU and globally

– Projections

– Business Response

17:00 Thanks and Conclusions