March 22, 2022

PREP-IBISBA has been developed through the launch of IBISBA 1.0 and represents the Preparatory Phase of EU-IBISBA, which was added onto the ESFRI (European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructure) roadmap in September 2018.


The aim of PREP-IBISBA is to create the conditions to launch EU-IBISBA by delivering all the conceptual elements necessary to finalise the science and technology case and define the business model, establishing a long range financial plan and identifying alternative legal frameworks suitable to deliver EU-IBISBA.

As a European infrastructure, EU-IBISBA aims to be at the forefront of global Industrial Biotechnology innovation, delivering end-to-end bioprocess R&D services to researchers across Europe and beyond, playing a full role in education, offering an appropriate training environment for early career stage researchers and for more specific vocational training of industry professionals. From a global perspective, EU-IBISBA is conceived to compete with, but also complement developments on other continents, representing both a timely and appropriate addition to an overall effort dedicated to the bioeconomy transition in Europe.

Timeline of the Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase of IBISBA officially began in January 2020. In the work plan for this important step in IBISBA‘s development, 4 phases are planned:

Phase 1 – Develop and explore the business model and examine possible legal entity options. This phase provides IBISBA stakeholders with information required to make preliminary choices.
Phase 2 – Stabilise the business model, validate the target legal entity, and develop the financial plan.
Phase 3 – Finalise the financial plan and prepare the legal statutes of the legal entity. At the end of this phase, the creation of the legal is programmed.
Phase 4 – Begin pre-implementation of IBISBA as an operational research infrastructure. This phase begins core operations and provides a solid basis to test key business processes.

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