September 21, 2016

The Renewable Systems Engineering grant (RENESENG) is a new FP7 Marie Curie project that researches and trains a new breed of engineers with project experience in biorefineries and emphasis on advanced process design, synthesis, model-based screening and analysis and process integration. RENESENG continues and builds on a series of successful EU and national projects and will be training future scientists and engineers in biorefinery related topics.


Major scientific aims of the RENESENG project will be to:

• Build synthesis capabilities in PSE tools addressing challenges to important problems in biorenewablesincluding process design, supply chain analysis, valorization of paths and industrial chemistries, and process integration ; 

• Develop families of models to function at different level of analysis (multi-scale applications) and compatible with each other;

• Consolidate biorenewables modeling and systems engineering knowledge into sharable environments, repositories and software prototypes with capabilities to support engineering tasks (flowsheeting, scale-up, costing, screening) and decisions further offering the opportunity to build dedicated communities of expertise.

Friday, November 1, 2013