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Title Semantically enabled process synthesis and optimisation
Document Type Article
Year 2016
Authors Kokossis, A.b, Labrador-Darder, C.a, Cecelja, F.a
Source Computers and Chemical Engineering, vol.93, p.64-86, 2016
Keywords Ontologies, Process synthesis, Tabu search
Abstract This paper introduces a new framework to support synthesis of complex engineering problems using a paradigm that combines optimisation with ontological knowledge modelling. The framework registers and analyzes new solutions by introducing a mechanism of digital certificates to translate structural information and solution features through semantics of an ontology. The solutions are respectively clustered by design features. Tested against complex synthesis of reactor networks, the framework offers a potential to visualize optimization in the course of its development and demonstrates noticeable advantages over conventional methods of a similar basis in convergence and performance.
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