ROBOCOOP Project launched on June 2023

July 5, 2023

ROBOCOOP-EU is a HORIZON EUROPE and CIRCULAR BIO_BASED EUROPE co-funded project, proposing a breakthrough cultural change in the agro-food sector: Deploying effective regional and circular bio-based Business Models for the valorization of waste streams from 3 agricultural sectors: grape, olive and stone fruit.

The Kick off Meeting for ROBOCOOP-EU was held in Badajoz, Spain in June 2023.

NTUA IPSEN Team will contribute to the following WPs:

WP1: Project management and coordination

WP4: Biorefining technologies: scalability and feasibility

WP6: Environmental impact and value chain sustainability

WP7: Cooperative business model development

WP8: Communication, dissemination, exploitation and engagement

For more information on the project please visit HERE.