SusChem Networking Event on October 15th

September 27, 2018

SusChem Greece’s first Brokerage Event was held on 15th October in Athens, with encouraging participation by industry.  The event started off with introductions by Prof. Kokossis (NTUA) and priming presentations by Drs Stelios Bikos (NTUA) and Christos Michalopoulos (NTUA) on the history, deeds and plans of SusChem Greece, the Horizon2020 framework programme for funded Research and Innovation and the Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda of SusChem Europe.  Based on this material, participants then discussed among them on directions and projects of interest to be promoted in the forthcoming SusChem Brokerage Event 2018 in Brussels. Delegates assembled from such sectors as paints, wood, industrial waste management, water and waste treatment, cosmetics, ICT, metal surface treatment, liquid fuels, natural gas and consulting.  Albeit a small scale event, it provided space for lively discussion on specific industrial issues that merit funded research and became the seed of further action.  A big thank you to NTUA for hosting the event and to SusChem Greece’s Board for nurturing the idea.

SusChem Greece is the Greek National Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, admitted by the European equivalent in June 2016 to assist in linking Research and Innovation priorities and actions of the Greek broader chemical industry with those of other European countries, notably through framework funding programmes like Horizon2020 and its successor.