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Welcome to the site of the Industrial Process System Engineering Unit

Welcome to the Process Design Unit of the Chemical Engineering School at the National Technical University of Athens. The Unit operates in the area of Process Systems Engineering and Complex Systems analysis. The group expertise is strong in Advanced Process Design, Modelling and Optimization. The group is certified to undertake engineering work by IChemE (UK) and collaborates with… Read More »

Biorefinery decision making

Biorefinery decision making The software is developed with Java and employs ontologies and GAMS optimization models. It is used for decision-making for the Biorefinery field based on economic and environmental criteria. The ontology deployed is consisted of four classes and their respective individuals: (i) feedstock: including corn stover, wood chips, plant oil, municipal solid waste, poplar hardwood, birch… Read More »

Complete superstructure framework for biorefineries

Complete superstructure framework We have developed a complete superstructure framework, utilising Simulated Annealing algorithm, a generic probabilistic metaheuristic global optimization method, on FORTRAN programming language, for the full conceptual design and optimisation of different integrated innovative biorefinery processes. One of the subtopics that we are working on is the examination of the impact of different mass transfer correlations on the real design of bio-reactors… Read More »