NTUA team in Epic 2020 Meeting (24- 25/09/15) and WWG Business Forum (project workshop) in Wismar

September 25, 2015

The purpose of the visit to Wismar was to participate in a two part conference which was realised under the EPIC 2020 project.

The first part of the conference was entitled: “Explore and utilize untapped bioenergy resource potential of ports and surrounding areas by industrial symbiosis” and was open to several key actors of the NWM area, the greater Region of Wismar. The key actors presented their projects and products and were also exposed to our scope, methodology and results, while the meeting ended with a workshop – open discussion on how to facilitate Industrial Symbiosis to take place. This first part of the conference was also covered by the local press and TV.

The second part was a “PCG” meeting, which is a meeting for the EPIC 2020 partners, where we discussed on some of the final actions we need to undertake as the end of the project approaches. During the second day, I was given the opportunity to share my vision on how to implement the work of the final Deliverable of our Work Package: “An assessment roadmap including the identification of joint priority issues, obstacles, potentials and best practices”.

A link to the meeting’s website can be found here.