NTUA presence in the 80th Thessaloniki’s International Fair

September 10, 2015

On Wednesday September the 9th 2015 Georgios Lignos participated in TIF in Thessaloniki,together with Athanassios Gentimis from IMIS Athena, the coordinator of the AI4B  project. TIF is the most famous annual exhibition in Greece.

Our stand was under the surveillance of GSRT. Many people passed by, asking on ways to valorise biomass. An opportunity arose to present the AI4B project, and what does its platform offer: a) discover biomass offer and demand b) find out what is the bioenergy potential for each type of biomass and each proposed valorisation technology, c) estimate
the bioenergy potential per Municipality and per type of biomass based on statistical records and d) estimate transportation cost, CapEx and OpEx for each possible scenario. We found out in this visit that most of the people were interested in pellets, so this is the next technology to be included in the platform. Many people were exited to find out that such a
“marketplace” is available for free in Greece, and were keen to check for new opportunities i.e. market products and business models.